A new beginning by Carolina Corada

At the start of the new year, a lot of people take a look at their accomplishments and what is to come in the year ahead. More and more of us, and I also speak for myself, look within and take note of the baggage we carry on our shoulders or in our grieving heart, serving as obstacles that prevent us from stepping confidently into a perfectly joyous year ahead.

The truth is that in our everlasting reality we are as free as birds, soaring into infinity, with our wings extended beautifully. But for some people, heavy chains hang from the wings hindering flight, preventing navigation through the free, blue sky.

This New Begining I would like to share with you implies a new commitment. I did not make a long list of needs or precious objects to be bought, or long trips to be undertaken. Instead, this year I had a conversation with my ‘Inner Voice’, the ‘Voice of the Inner Teacher’, which often manifests itself and to whom we should listen to more often. I took a good look at the chains hanging from my wings and noticed that there were quite a few: there was one called resentment, another called fear, there was doubt and the past. I sat for a while observing them and how they restricted my ability to soar high. As I observed, I had a conversation with myself. Was I insane for having this conversation with my Inner Voice? I don’t know, but it felt very real. I spoke to my Inner Teacher about the chains on my wings and the Teacher spoke to me and asked: “do you wish to keep that painful memory? Do you want to stay with that sense of doubt? How does it serve you?” And as I heard these inner questions, the answers also came from within, startling me with the realisation of how willing I was to ‘let go’ of the chains. The answer blossomed from within, in my own voice: “No, I do not wish to keep the pain this resentment generates in me. No, doubt impedes trust. I don’t wish to live in doubt.”

I began to feel lighter. The experience of this inner conversation lightened my movement and soothed my heart. I became aware that it was I who had been holding the chains over my wings, and they began to fall away. I no longer chose to keep them. A few of the chains demanded more of me and I discovered that I cherished some of them as treasures. Despite this, I gave one last effort and released all of the chains I could see. What Joy! What happiness! I experienced myself flying!
I soared. I was actually meditating in my garden, under the morning sun, but the experience was of ample freedom. Then I took off in flight, my wings extended, my heart in radiance and quietness, knowing that in this new beginning there would be no more chains unless I placed them there myself.

Carolina is an International Speaker on topics pointing at peace. She is a Teacher of Peace and creator of IntroDanza as her method for selfinquiry, to go from fear to love, in support of the teachings of the book A Course in Miracles. www.introdanza.com
For conferences, workshops, appointments, you may write to her at: introdanza@yahoo.com

Carolina Corada

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