A peace not of this world

by Carolina Corada
I often, if not all the time, ask myself : What do I want to come of this? What is it for?

And I apply these to questions to everything I do, everywhere I go and to every encounter of the day. Yes. This habit of self-inquiry comes from the realization that the experience of peace does not dwell in the world I see. It comes from within and it is my choice to determine the outcome I desire from every event, before I start my day. Just like Dr. Joseph Dispenza, D.C. (www.drjoedispenza.com) tells us in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know” (for rent in SATSANG VIDEOS), I tend to be completely honest with myself with the help of this daily inner inquiry.

The answers can be very surprising at times. I’ve heard myself say: ‘Today I’ll get really tired because I have so much to do’ or ‘ I won´t have time to relax this morning’ and so on. Are you with me? And then, there’s been a sense of urgency, a hope or desire that I would be ‘be happy and peaceful’ during the day. How could that ever be my experience of myself if I had already set the opposite goal?

Would I be willing to set Peace and Joy as my only goal today? My answer began to be YES! With all my heart. Then my everyday experiences began to change. And when I say my experiences, I mean my inner feelings about the events and encounters of the day. I still had shortcomings; perhaps I still had little time for a relaxed conversation, yet I felt profoundly peaceful. I wondered, “Where does this peace come from?” And I heard the inner response: “From within!” Wow! What a challenge. And still, for a while I used the world and its ever-changing rituals to justify not being at peace: it’s too cold; it’s too hot; my car broke down; I’m sick; my friend is late, and so forth. Amazing how the untrained mind can find perfectly acceptable backdrops to refrain from experiencing our inner gifts. It is then when the seeker of truth makes a choice: sets a goal, not of this world, and life changes. Inner life changes. And the experience of a more permanent sort begins to bloom in the observer. Because peace is not of the external world. It is a choice you make when you decide to set the goal before you walk the world. It calls forth the suspension of faithlessness and a situation of perfect peace arises from within, simply because you have let it be what it is.

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