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In this edition we talk to Francy from E-natural on his new project, an eco-store in Avenida Moliere.

La Chispa: What was the inspiration to open e-natural?
Francy: the ability to share my experience of going from a life of excess to a healthy life fully conscious of the environment around me.

La Chispa: What is the concept of the store?
Francy: E-natural opened four months ago as a new concept for Holistic Therapies and Ecocentre where you can find a variety of activities, courses, workshops and therapies, to bring you closer to a healthier lifestyle. We have put in one place a range of organic and natural products to improve your health, mostly relying on local produce.

What activities do you have?
We have a wide variety of activities such as pilates, yoga, tai chi, dance therapy, toning and fit-balance. In addition there are therapies such as massage, lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies, naturopathy and more. In February a professional course of acupuncture starts, for one year and taught by Gonzalo Hernandez, a well known acupuncturist from Malaga.

All our therapists are highly trained experienced in their field and the manager of the store that is a fully qualified nutritionist.

What products do you sell?
Our food is organic, predominantly local products like honey, oil, eggs, vegetables and fruits brought directly from the Hevilla family farm in Coin. We have leading brands of baby food like Babybio and Holle, and cosmetics from Naetura Malaga. We stock orthomolecular supplements, a medicine whose treatments work from the first shot.

What is your opinion of the organic market in Malaga?
It is a paradox that Malaga has more herb shops, because we are also one of the provinces that produces more organic products, but almost all is exported to France and Germany. I think there is a greater awareness of the importance of prevention in health through therapy and avoiding GM foods.

Our project is being well received so far, because from the outside to take care also need to look inside and for that our clients are very happy to be using activities such as yoga, tai chi, pilates, yoga or our therapies.

Avda. Moliere, 11, Málaga
Tel: 951 131 813

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