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We waved farewell to 2011 with precious little ambition from UN Summit on Climate Change in Durban. Although it was decided to extend the Kyoto Protocol beyond 2012 and to set a roadmap for reducing greenhouse gases, the minimal agreements shed little light on the struggle against this global phenomenon that will affect everyone. Last year, and probably this one, will also pass down in the annals of history as the year of public outrage against the depersonalization and globalisation of our systems. Informed citizens everywhere are demanding a new, fairer order, and it is very likely that those of us reading about these things today will be witness to great changes that we have the opportunity to be active participants in.

Eco-union, launched in Barcelona in 2005, is a nonprofit association that works as an agent of change between companies, institutions, governments, opinion makers, managers and professionals, to act as a catalyst for the transition towards a new paradigm. Since 2009 they have also been working in Málaga developing local projects in training and education to build critical and constructive opinion about environmental management and sustainable development. Their areas of activity focus on urban ecology, eco-building and design, sustainable transport, biodiversity, ecotourism, the green economy and sustainable resource management.

Maintianing a global vision, eco-union works with local people in their areas of expertise to create sustainability training, awareness and counseling with projects including:
• Cineforum: an environmental and cultural initiative that brings people together for film screenings on environmental subjects and includes a discussion with a relevant expert.
• Education for sustainability: through courses, video conferencing and online discussions, these are aimed at a broad spectrum of society and address different issues from a multi-platform and sustainable perspective.
• Global Eco Forum: Euro-Mediterranean forum on sustainability that takes place in Barcelona every year.
• Posidonia Festival: an international gathering focused on the conservation of marine biodiversity and the environment.

With all of their projects Eco-union works to provide constructive solutions, innovative ideas and positive change for a better world.

Eco-union are currently seeking volunteers and partners in Malaga to coordinate projects, web and graphic design, journalism, translation, content writing and training in general, plus new members to share the eco-union philosophy, affinity and motivation on the way forward towards sustainability.

c / Comedy, 4, 2 º 29008 Málaga
Twitter: @ smontoyame
Tel: 952 005 919

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