Alternative Malaga: Green business network ‘RedVerSo’ launches

Society is facing a series of unprecedented crises in its modern history: financial, economic, industrial and environmental crises are all part of our modern landscape.
They are all the result of an unsustainable development model based on the misuse of social and natural resources and we are facing new and complex challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, social conflict and the inability to ensure a welfare state for future generations.

However, crises are also accompanied by opportunities. The economic system, and those involved in it, can change direction and move towards a more sustainable future, based on the efficient use of energy and natural resources, green jobs, eco-innovation and the involvement of the workforce as stakeholders in global decisions.

Business projects that engage with this new “green economy” will find themselves with a distinct advantage as leaders in a cooperative process that will generate a society of eco-entrepreneurs that are socially aware and economically fair.

With an eye on Rio +20 and the firm belief that there is strength in unity, a new business network has been created in Málaga for professionals and companies and other entities working for a green economy for the common good (RedVerSo). This innovative initiative brings together more 30 companies, professional associations and organizations in Malaga that have decided to join forces and boost cooperation, synergy and networking to strengthen their local industry in these times of crisis.

‘RedVerSo’ has been established with a number of objectives, one of which is to encourage the creation of quality jobs in Malaga, with fair wages. It also aims to promote among its members a sustainable model of production and consumption in all economic sectors focused on the real needs of the people and to reduce their ecological footprint. At the same time, this new association will aim to represent the interests of its members to the relevant authorities and to the public in general.

Part of RedVerSo’s mission is to help create synergies between the different professionals, organizations and companies involved to exchange knowledge, resources and experiences and to help the members provide goods and services that respect the values of a sustainable economy (local trade – organic – fair – healthy). The network will also be a platform for training and advice, available to its members, and as a vehicle for the dissemination of good practices and models for economic, environmental and social responsibility.

Why ioin?
By joining RedVerSo businesses and professionals will become a part of a dynamic network that share common principles and work together to strengthen their sector. The members’ activities will appear in a catalog of green products and services that will be a guide to responsible consumption in Málaga. There will be opportunities for networking meetings and to take part in eco fairs as part of the association. For all eco-entrepreneurs, who believe in their vision, want to promote their ideas and businesses, share their initiatives and support a project for the common good, RedVerSo is the place to be.


More information on the web / redverso know the project and participate!
Silvia Montoya
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Tel: 952 005 919
Address: C / Comedies, 4, 2 º 29008 Málaga (Spain)

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