Arboretum – PDC 2012 – Permaculture Design Course

On our way to establish Arboretum as an educational tool for sustainability, this year we will hold our first Permaculture Design Course PDC – an approved permaculture design.
Our goal is to make the course open to as many people as possible as we feel it is something that is so much needed in the current socio-ecological climate. Permaculture is a holistic system whose purpose is the design, planning and creation of spaces where man’s relationship with his environment is sustainable, socially equitable and economically viable. Permaculture also applies to the design of communities and economic systems and offers practical solutions to many of the problems we face globally, and can be a very effective way of acting locally to help with the recovery of the planet’s health.

A clear example of this is the Transition Town initiative. In fact the first Transition Town was developed in 2005 in Kinsale, Ireland with an ‘energy descent plan for Kinsale by 2021’ which came from work with permaculture by the famous Rob Hopkins. Permaculture has been a key factor in helping this concept spread throughout the world, helping communities develop sustainability and energy reduction through the application of permaculture design principles. Importantly, these models are not just being developed in small communities such as Totnes in Devon, but in large sities such as Copenhagen and Portland with more than half a million residents.

The PDC is very intensive, 10 consecutive days of between ten and twenty hours, with a total of eighty hours of theory and practice, offering a very completely up to date overview. The classes will be conducted by a group of permaculture graduates, with 20 years experience. The dynamics of the course require that all the theoretical work should be applied to a final practical design project. These will then be evaluated by a committee and the one that best meets the requirements will be put into practice on a farm. This project will be open to all the students to participate in and to start their actual experience in the field. The basic concept of permaculture allows for its application at every level, from a house, an orchard, an edible forest, animal husbandry, agriculture, water harvesting and anything that can be found in a community and integrated into it.

The course will be bilingual in English and Spanish, and as a lead in to the training, an intensive one day seminar will be held on October 27 to study permaculture in communities, with speakers and a panel of international course leaders as well as successful local transition initiatives.

Date from 19 to 28 October 2012 (10 days INTENSIVE)
From 10 to 14 and from 16 to 20 h.

Arboretum Marbella
Tel 951 137 210

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