Association CYD Santa María keeps going!

After a difficult start to the year, and after rescuing more than 100 animal and providing help to that many animals again at their shelter, CYD Santa María Association has been trying to survive with the help of members and friends, but now they have reached a moment when feeding that many animals has jeopardized the future of the Association. “We can’t leave the horses alone,” explains Virginia, spokesperson for the association. “We know that there is no association like ours and without Concordia bringing charges abuse and neglect, many criminals would continue doing damage to their animals. We receive more than 30 complaints a month about abuse and try to help everyone. Things are really tight, but it’s worth it every time one of our horses looks at us.”
“The situation has reached the point where if we do not get further funding, we will have to close,” says Concordia Marquez, president of the Association. “So we decided to create this innovative online store,, where we can generate profits that will go to help care for the animals, since the sales not only benefit the animals at the shelter but also the owners who buy these great products,” she added. “The idea came from constantly spending lots of money on products here at the shelter that do not work,” says Concordia. “It is not the same throwing your money at a comb for the mane as it is spending on a medication or product that relieves the pain and discomfort of a diseased or terminal animal.” Therefore, the Association decided to create this special way of selling in which only personally tested products are sold at CYD Santa María and we have only selected those that are the best on the market. “As we are an animal protection association, we could not fail our animals by selling any old products, so we met with our team of veterinarians and decided that although the profit would be less, we would only sell what we thought were best for the animals. So slowly we will be adding more each month. We can also help special cases and offer advise to the owner with the help of our veterinarians at no charge,” says Concordia.
“Our idea is that our online store will have the same reputation for reliability and effectiveness that the association has had for over a decade,” Virginia said. “Every time you buy from the shop you know you’re helping an animal in need and that it is guaranteed to be a good action where everyone wins. We always need to buy gifts for people so why not do it from home and help the animals at the same time?” “We pray that many people think the same way as we do and we can continue doing our work,” concludes Concordia.

CIF: G-92.703.669
Número del Ministerio del Interior 594.832
Teléfonos 658 900 600 – 610 397 027
Apdo. de Correos 303, 29100 Coín (Málaga)

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