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To celebrate Biocasa’s second birthday, La Chispa called by to chat to owner Vanda Laktos about healthy and organic living in Fuengirola. As customers came and went during a typically bustling morning, Vanda told us about setting up the shop and her experiences over the past two years. “It was always my dream to open a shop like this. It is very much a proper organic supermarket, selling a wide range of products. I believe that healthy living starts with our diet, the food we eat, and starting to eat wholesome, organic food is the first step on the path to health.”

Vanda has recently taken on the premises next door to make the shop bigger and stock more wholefoods as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. With more people becoming aware of health issues and looking to change their diet, the shop sees a steady stream of people looking for more healthy options. “We stock supplements, of course,” Vanda continued. “But in the long run I believe that people can’t rely on supplements and carry on with their bad eating habits, they have to change their diet as well and so I give a lot of advice about what foods to eat.” Vanda stresses that the advice and information that customers get has helped to make the shop a success as people recommend Biocasa by word of mouth. “People know they want to make changes, but often don’t know where to start, or have some misinformation about things, so I try and help as much as possible.” Vanda’s encyclopaedic knowledge of natural health comes from her own experiences when she was younger. “I wasn’t healthy at all, and had many allergies, and when conventional medicine didn’t help, I looked for alternatives. Now, thanks to finding the right diet and eating properly, I’m free of all those problems. This is the message I try and pass on to people – you are what you eat!”

Tel: 951 713 575

Helping people get to grips with new food and a healthier diet, Vanda recently launched a series of vegetarian cooking courses to show that it is not difficult or expensive to make simple, quick food in a creative way. With a growing number of regular clients and new people coming in all the time we look forward to Biocasa being a part of Fuengirola’s Avda de Mijas for many years to come.

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