Breaking your beliefs to live your life

Beliefs are the thoughts we consider to be true, often simply because we have been told so since childhood. The problem is that everything we see, observe and understand is done through this filter of beliefs, we live by and for them, they become our prophecies, and keep us in our comfort zone. They generate continuous thought patterns that end up acting as nothing more than psychological blocks that hold us back in life. We have all heard the phrases: “I’m always unlucky.” Or “I can never do that well.” What we believe is what we create. If we have this vibration inside of ourselves how do we expect to get something out of life. The obstacles we encounter in life come from inside not outside and we can only discover our true potential if we break these belief barriers. The problem is that we often don’t know how to escape this labyrinth, but THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY. The first step is the most difficult, finding the will power and commitment, the second is getting out of our comfort zone, and once we reach this point the team at the Feng Shui centre have a workshop to help progress to the next stage.

“Achieve Your Goals” is a three-day experiential, practical and experimental workshop that will help you get what you always wanted, not by telling you how to get it nor by learning how to get it, simply by making it fun and interesting, you will get it. Breaking the barriers blocking your potential is done in 3 phases: discover, progress and conquer.

DISCOVER: working with emotions and mind, and understanding who has brought you this far in life. Discover who you are and where you are right now, and what is blocking your progress so that you can move forward to achieve the life you deserve.
Discover your strengths and potential, how to face your fears, weaknesses and threats, and what is adding to or taking away from your life supported by feedback from the group.

PROGRESS: We live under the belief that we can’t have everything we want in life.
“I’d like to play sports, but I have no time”, “I can’t find the job I want”. These beliefs stop you from knowing the tools you have available to redesign your life. Positive results will lead to satisfaction, inner strength and triumph.

CONQUEST: to reach 100% of your potential, you do not have to do it, but really want to do it. You will want to live in the now, enjoy quality time with family, your work, relationships, health and yourself. The group provides support to help reach these goals that often get lost in the daily grind.

The workshop is three days of hard work, fun and self-improvement, to realise new achievements and and mark a turning point in life. Start enjoying and making the most of life, live intensely, with the successes and accomplishments you choose to have.

“Only if you want to go further, you’ll know how far you can go.”

Yolanda Campos and Jose Menendez
Trainers of entrepreneurs
Specialists Authentic Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.
Tlfs. 952107313 and 618302577

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