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In the early 1960’s Dr Alan Howard developed an interest in overweight and obesity, and began to investigate methods of weight reduction. Together with Dr Ian McLean-Baird of the West Middlesex Hospital, Dr Howard organised a National Symposium on Obesity in 1968, and went on to develop what they regarded as ‘the perfect diet’. What they wanted to achieve was a formula food with the right level of protein to protect lean tissue, the right level of carbohydrate to promote a mild ketosis and eliminate a sense of hunger, and the right levels of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids to maintain good health
Dr Howard’s first formula produced excellent weight loss results and led to the first commercial version of the Cambridge Diet, which underwent rigorous testing and trials to prove its effectiveness.
The modern Cambridge Weight Plan is a nutritionally balanced formula food, which provides essential micro- and macro-nutrients and can be used as a complete substitute for normal food or in conjunction with a sensible eating plan.

This is a nutritionally balanced low calorie diet that can be used as the basis of several Steps or eating plans, ranging from 800 calories (kcal) up to 1500 kcal and then into long term weight management. Each Cambridge 800 serving (sachet, bar or soup) is around 200kcal. Cambridge 800 offers a number of flexible weight loss programmes.

As with the UK, Cambridge 800 is only available via an Independent Cambridge Consultant. As well as supplying the products, these self-employed people offer help, support and advice to customers throughout the Steps process as well as long term weight maintenance.

Tel: 952 586 324

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