Centro Savia

Yoga, a complete discipline that brings awareness and consciousness to all aspects of our lives, is much more than simply an exercise. In our busy modern world, yoga can help keep us alert to what is happening around us. Love and consciousness are the basic qualities that a place dedicated to this discipline must have, and it was following this principle that Centro Savia was born one year ago. This multidisciplinary centre for personal growth was opened by Rocio and Emilia, driven by the passion to integrate these principles into their own lives, and looking to combine yoga and rebirthing, a practice that is not so well known in Málaga. Coming from the heart of a creative and spiritual Málaga, the centre also provides a range of classes and courses including Biodanza, Shiatsu, Tai Chi, Pilates and other workshops. Every day the project has developed and grown to provide the city with a yoga centre that offers many options, a space for personal growth, using yoga as a guide and companion, somewhere for people to find the time and space for themselves. For the new courses beginning in October this includes prenatal yoga for women planning or starting on the road to childbirth, and postnatal yoga, because after the baby is born the body needs to rediscover itself again and what better way to do this than by sharing it with the baby. Therapeutic yoga is offered to fulfill one of the key objectives of the project, to reach out to those people who are most in need and can most benefit from this practice, no matter what their physical state or condition. Also included in the core programme is meditation and Kirtan, or mantra chanting.

After just one year, this project, based on the idea of sharing, is now starting to take shape. Yoga in Málaga is a reality with its own spirit. With small classes, personalised assistance and constant evolution, Centro Savia and Rocio, the yoga teacher, offer something special to warm our inner being.

Savia Center
c / Ollerias, No. 1 (corner with C / Carreteria)
Tel: 951 254 966

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