Change your home change your life

Feng Shui is the study of the connection that exists between humans and the energies around us, with three basic principles: everything is alive, everything is connected and everything changes. By balancing the three energies (heaven, earth and man) we can affect these things and attract prosperity, health and wellbeing. The natural energy flows were well known to ancient civilisations and they used them to benefit their lives. These skills were passed on secretly from master to disciple, reserved for the powerful and their advisors and usually without a written record. People are constantly being influenced by the environment in which they live, acting on the environment as it acts on us. The home is a representation of what is happening within the person living in it. If we do not interpret information correctly our home energy becomes confused, and stops us being clear about what is going on with our lives. By harmonising the energy flow around the home, obstacles are removed that have been hindering life’s progress. It is possible to open the home to new opportunities and create space for better relationships. By applying Feng Shui in the home it can help people to project their thoughts and wishes into the future, gaining strength and power and creating new opportunities. By acting on the spaces in which they live they can learn how to improve life and realise their destiny. By transforming the home into a peaceful, restful and harmonious space will make it more attractive to be in and to live in, be more comfortable and can fill the people who live there with energy for their daily tasks.

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