Citrica Pizarra

Citrica Pizarra has long been a winner in our house, having provided essential oils for all our needs for many years, but they have also gained more authoritative recognition, most recently from the Dia de la Mujer Rural with a personal award for owner Eva Zomeño, for her work with associations and the training that she offers. Her oils have also received recognition with her lemon blend winning awards in previous years that have even inspired a university graduate to write his thesis on them. With a commitment to high quality oils as well as organic production, Citrica Pizarra already has plenty of fans throughout the area, and a new project hopes to bring her work to a wider audience. As rural tourism becomes increasingly more popular, Eva is waiting to see if she wins a national environmental award for her plan to open her finca and workshop to the public to learn the techniques of making essential oils and other products. “My idea is to show that we can live well in nature while caring for her,” says Eva. And we say well done to her for all her hard work.

Eva Zomeño
666 05 55 03.

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