Coffee Creams Organics: Pure certified organic body care & beauty

Choosing a product in recently opened Coffee & Creams Organics shop in Laguna Village doesn’t require a degree in chemistry – all the products are 100% certified Organic and 100% natural. In fact, it’s a joy reading the ingredients of every single product, appreciating the care and effort put into them. All the ingredients are sourced from fair trade and organic producers who do not use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, growth hormones or livestock food additives. Discover Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps & Lotions, America’s number 1 brand, including the famous 18-in-1 liquid soaps which can be used as a hand wash, body wash, shampoo… even as a toothpaste – in 8 delicious natural fragrances. Alteya Organics skin and body care are based on an exclusive compound, Bio-Damascena Skin Reviving Complex, and includes exquisite quality organic flower waters, anti-aging face creams and serums, baby care and premium steam-distilled essential oils. 100% Organic Rose Water Spray and Rose Lip Balm are among handbag essentials favoured by supermodels. Luxury Sharini Organic perfumes are hand crafted in the South of France with the finest flower and plant extracts in similar fashion perfumes were made before chemical revolution in 1940s. Available exclusively from Coffee & Creams Organics – certified organic make-up by award-winning Australian brand NVEY ECO. A pioneer in Organic Colour Cosmetics, NVEY ECO only uses ingredients that are both loving and nurturing to our skin. Lustrous textures and fabulous colours allow creating glamorous look and style while being green and healthy. Coffee & Creams Organics’ message is simple – Go organic. You can’t afford not to. It’s your future and your family’s.

Open 10am – 8pm
Laguna Village C.C., Local 7, A-7 km. 159, 29680 Estepona
Tel. (+34) 952 807 146

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