Coín farmers’ market launches

A letter from the organisers:

Dear friends and local producers of Coin,
We would like to thank everyone for their interest in the village for this project. The meeting held on Wednesday at the old Convent in town was packed and plenty of ideas, opinons and suggestions were collected that will help guide us in creating a local farmers’ market. Over the next few days we will start to work with the growers and producers who have expressed an interest to create a ‘growers association’ in Coín, with the necessary statutes and conditions that will help to regulate the market.

Some important features have yet to be decided such as the location and frequency and conditions, and Coin in Transition and the council will support the project to realise these goals especially for the benefit of the producers who have much to gain and little to lose. We will need the support and participation of everyone, but in the not too distant future we will see the local farmers’ market of Coin launcehed and become an important part of the life and soul of the town.

Warm regards

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