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“Open hearts and minds ” is a brand new interactive radio show devoted to conscious living, building alternative community and co-creating a new paradigm of Life. Hosted by Richard Waterborn on Tuesday and Thursday evenings on Talk Radio Europe, the show features discussions and talks about holistic healing, spirituality, the 2012 shift, living in harmony with our planet, cosmology, higher realms of consciousness, multidimensional reality, ancient wisdom, modern revelation, prophecy & psychic prediction.

Richard has been working as a healer and explorer and teacher of spirituality and consciousness for 30 years, and his radio experience comes from his work as media spokesperson for an environmental organization, further strengthened by frequent appearances on local radio as a healer. “I came to fully appreciate the power of radio as a means to connect at an intimate level with a much larger audience than was possible in person,” Richard told us. “Amazing things happened! From the safety of their own homes and armchairs people who were complete strangers would open up and share their hearts and souls. Spontaneous healings took place, live on air, which touched other listeners who in turn received healing, help and support.”
A regular guest on Talk Radio Europe’s night time show since 2010 when he came to live in Marbella, Richard has talked about his research into the 2012 prophecies and the changing times, the spiritual dimension to Life, crop circles, ancient wisdom, as well as his healing work. These talks were well received by the listeners, so when the opportunity came to present his own, dedicated show, he embraced it. Richard hopes that “Open Hearts & Minds” will answer a real and growing need for nourishment and care of the human heart, soul and spirit, and will serve and support the community for a long time to come.

Open Hearts & Minds on Talk Radio Europe.
Tuesdays & Thursdays 8-11 pm. Tune in on 88.9fm or 91.9fm on the Costa del Sol. Listen live online anywhere in the world.
Go to for details of more wavebands to tune into all around the coast of Spain & Mallorca.

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