Create a Space!

Create a space in your mind, in your day, in your home or in your office. How many people live in cluttered space and wonder why they have endless chaos and turbulence in their life? Using simple principles of feng shui that can be found on the internet on sites like, you can find out how to keep the natural elements in harmony in your home or office. People with financial issues often have the south east area of their home in disorder. If we always fill up space, like time, we don’t leave any room for creative evolution which ought to be the way forward for our ‘real’ selves. To create a space, we can try this exercise and sit for ten minutes every morning or for a few minutes each time we start something new, and give ‘it’ room to breathe. Most projects take on a life of their own once they are established, through the intention and the energy that got them off the ground in the first place. The ‘it’, then, is the active intelligent life-force, the stream of creative flow that is constant within each of us.

This innate nature of ours naturally tries to flow things into order – as long as we give it space in our lives. How many times, after leaving an idea to brew, has something unexpected happened? An expanded and more creative solution emerges than we could have ‘worked out’ with our ordinary thinking minds. When we create a space we set ourselves up for active listening. Traditionally, in the work place, the established practice is for the team to turn up to a business meeting with a page full of items on the agenda to be discussed. A new concept, which I have helped to work with, is to arrive with an empty page and a clear intention to create a space for something new to emerge, for ideas to unfold; to allow that tomorrow’s thinking can be heard above the din of yesterday’s worn out structures.

There are some techniques that can help this active emptying process. Try sitting with all your finger tips just touching to form a circle with the palms facing and focus your attention on the centre of the hands: the babbling mind soon stops. Try breathing the colour green into your energy field, this can give a great sense of internal space and helps to clear the heart and mind of residue echoes of yesterday’s thoughts. Labradorite is a good crystal if you’re feeling squashed or put upon. Create a space and the stream of creative energy at our core orchestrates a higher order for life to unfold; and we find ourselves with plenty of energy.

by Sophia Le Rendu MA
Sophia is a coach for personal and professional development, Reiki master, shiatsu practitioner and delivers workshops for self healing in Europe and USA.
Tel: 634 368 810.

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