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Diego Escaño was born in Tucuman, Argentina. He began his Oriental studies in 2000, practicing internal and external martial arts. Travelling and training in various disciplines such as herbal medicine, numerology, enneagram, body language, leadership, alchemy and the fourth way extended his knowledge and later he studied astrology in Capilla del Monte (Cuba) attending lectures, courses and seminars. In 2004 he participated in the National Congress of Astrology, and in 2007 lived in Italy with a spiritual master, who instructed him in Nutrition, Taoist Meditation and Yoga. From 2006 to 2009 he hosted the radio program “Universus” on Millennium 97.7 FM, and in 2008 taught the course “Basics of Astrology”. Today he has attained a professional level in Tai-Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Feng Shui Techniques, and Sacred Sexuality. Since 2009 he travels to different countries teaching seminars and courses.

From 14 to 27 in Málaga
Thursday Feb 16: FREE conference, Casa de Cultura, Coín

Info: 636 002 188

Personal Consultations: Diego Escaño provide personal consultations on:
– Tarot
– Astrology
– Feng Shui
– Enneagram
– Natural Medicine
– Nutrition
– Sexuality

Seminars include:

Female Alchemy:
– Introduction to Taoism. The philosophy of yin and yang. The 3 health treasures (Jing, Chi and Shen). Basics female anatomy. The sexual power of women. The menstrual cycle.
– Women’s individual culture. Breathing and compression of the ovaries and vagina. Different types of orgasm. The aspiration of orgasm.
– The dual culture. Different positions to grow human body systems. The valley orgasm and its importance. Teach your partner to maintain and grow their energy.
– Breast massage. Advanced techniques to reduce menstrual flow.
– Taoist Meditation Technique. Nei Dan or Inner Alchemy. Cultivating the 3 treasures of health.

Taoist sexuality:
– Introduction to Taoism. The philosophy of Yin and Yang. The Three Treasures Health (Jing, Chi and Shen).
– The Tao of Yin and Yang. Nature of man and woman. Differences between men and women. Absorption of the essence and energy accumulation. The retention of semen. Hormones and health.
– Control of ejaculation. Contact methods without ejaculation. Techniques on how to “close the door.” Taoist bedroom arts. The secret biology of sex.
– Postures to improve health and longevity. Taoist Meditation technique. Advanced cultivation of the Three Treasures.
– Practices that will help you to control sexuality. And testicular embryonic breathing. Methods. Achieve higher states of consciousness through sexuality.

– Introduction to the Fourth Way (Gurdjieff).
– Essence and Personality.
– The 3 Forces (active, passive and neutral).
– Enneagram of Essence and the Enneagram of Personality.
– The Seven human types: Lunar, Venusian, Mercurial, Saturnine, Martial, Jovial and Solar.
– The Eneatipos: The Perfectionist, The Giver, The Executive, The Romantic, The Observer, The Advocate
Devil, The Epicurean, The Boss, The Mediator.

– Classification of Foods. Digestion time for each.
– The combination of foods. Recipes to cure various diseases. The importance of vitamins. Advanced methods to cure chronic diseases.
– Detoxification. Concepts and applications to detoxify the body. The importance of water.
Physical therapy to detoxify the body.
– Foods and supplements to detoxify. The importance of incorporating alkaline foods.
Drinks and Sumos to detoxify. Supplements for detoxification.
– Fasting and mono-diet to cleanse the body. Accessories for fasting. Herbal medicines for
purify the liver, blood, kidneys, bladder and intestines.
– FAT vs fat. The importance of poly-and monounsaturated fats. Fats that kill and fats
healers. Sexuality and the burning of fat. Fat of the heart, liver and lungs. Fats
of cancer. The dark side of milk. Reintoxicación aware of the body. Tips on snuff and
drink. Recipes and formulas.

Body Language:
– The Basic Principles of Body Language. Origin and Evolution of Body Language.
– Eyes, Face and Head. Types of Faces.
– Hands, Arms and Legs.
– Body and Touch.
– Territory and Personal Space.
– Attraction and Courtship.
– Lies and insincerity.
– Power and Submission.

Natural Medicine:
– The Living Earth. The power of the clay. Nature and properties. Ways to select and prepare the clay.
External and internal use.
– Seven Wonders of Nature: The healing powers of carrot juice, lemon juice, garlic,
olive oil, cabbage, thyme and sea salt.
– The Liver. – Functions performed. Origin of hepatic failure, toxicity and congestion.
– Consequences of poor liver function, diabetes, rheumatism, obesity, appendicitis, vision defects, skin diseases.
– Natural Treatments to cure and treat all liver diseases: food, medicinal plants, compresses, baths and exercises.
– The importance of blood pura.Analizaremos the circulacón enfermededades a defective:
Heart disease, arteriosclerosis, angina, kidney problems, hypertension, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, leg ulcers. He taught methods and treatments to cure circulatory diseases.
– Heartburn, stomach upset, bloating, cramps and spasms, problems
bowel, the diarrera, heartburn and ulcer of the duodenum.
– Different types of constipation. Causes and mechanisms. This module presents all kinds of cures, including food, medicinal plants, external treatments and exercises. Specific recipes and herbal treatment.
– Causes and cure of respiratory diseases, flu, colds, sore throat, hay fever, bronchitis, sinusitis, etc.
-Food and herbs to strengthen the respiratory system.
– Cures for problems specific column: kyphosis, scoliosis, disc herniation, the descalsificación and osteoarthritis.
– Natural cures for rheumatism, arthritis, chronic rheumatism, chronic polyarthritis, arthritis of
hip, spine rheumatism, neuralgia cervicobrachial. Treatments for pyorrhea
(Arthritis of the gums).
– Real Cause of diabetes. Sugar and starches, meat, alcohol and fat as a trigger for this
disease. Healing foods.
– Healing and natural treatment of tumors and cysts in the sexual organs, painful menstruation,
the absence of menstruation, leukorrhea, menopause, infertility and vaginal itching.
– Natural Treatments for eczema, acne, herpes, psoriasis, seborrhea, acne, urticaria, chilblains, abscesses and boils. Natural cosmetics for the care and treatment of the skin.

Chinese Medicine for Women:
– As above so below. The symbol of yin and yang.
– The theory of the 5 phases.
– Learning to maintain harmony. External causes and internal causes of
the dis-harmony.
– Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
– Introduction to Celestial Water (Menstrual Cycle). Harmonize the cycle.
Practical examples.
– The importance of a good diet to regulate the menstrual cycle. Herbs
medicines for harmonize the Heavenly Water.
– Care of the breasts. Practical exercises for the care of the breasts.
– The importance of a healthy sexuality.
– Medicine and Natural Herbs for pregnancy.
– Pregnancy studied in detail.
– Natural Menopause.

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