Dr. Jean writes…. The Importance of Testosterone for Men and Women……to SURVIVE

The Long Life Clinic in Nueva Andalucía is dedicated to helping people enjoy a better quality of life throughout their lives, managing the ageing process with natural supplements and therapies and creating balance in the body so that it functions at its very best level. In previous articles we have looked at the role of bio-identical hormones in helping maintain this important balance as the body’s natural ability to produce hormones starts to decline, and this issue we look at the role of one hormone in particular: testosterone.

Many people know testosterone as the hormone that keeps men virile and while that is correct, it is important to realise that not only is it essential for both sexes, maintaining a good balance has an effect on many areas of our health and wellbeing. As well as stimulating the libido in both sexes, testosterone protects the heart and arteries, prevents joint and muscle pain, builds muscle, preserves bone mass and reduces fat, tightens the skin, stimulates hair growth, provides energy and endurance and contributes to a positive mood. As testosterone levels decline we can see that it is not only a loss of sexual desire that people suffer, so it could be considered the most important hormone to keep an eye on. Historically, according to Dr. Ron Rothenberg, a well known anti ageing specialist, “we are just half the men our fathers were,” referring to the steady decline in testosterone levels over the past 50 years. If this trend continues the consequences could be alarming. Using bio-identical hormones easily applied through a topical cream, the correct balance can be maintained and many of the symptoms of ‘male menopause’ can be corrected, not only revving up a waning sex drive, but also reducing the risk of heart disease and lowering cholesterol. Unfortunately, many of the symptoms that men experience as they enter andropause, the ‘male menopause’, are often mis-diagnosed and treated separately. Depression for example is often only dealt with using anti-depressants, whereas hormone balancing would take care of that as well as the other symptoms.

If you find that you have some or all of the following, it might be time to take a simple saliva test to establish which, if any, hormones are lacking:
Depression or loss of eagerness and enthusiasm for daily life
Decreased energy and desire for physical activity
Decreased mental quickness
Decreased desire for intimacy
Mild to moderate erectile dysfunction
Muscle loss
Increase in body fat, particularly around the mid-section
Night sweats and trouble sleeping
Mild to moderate irritability
Loss of bone density

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