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“Feelings Fully Felt = Freedom”, says Jamie Catto, film maker, musician, writer and the genius behind ‘1 Giant Leap’, amongst other creative projects. Most people are primarily driven through life by their emotions, perhaps without realising. Instead of feeling this often wild surge with our bodies and creating a space to allow the emotion its full expression, we want to intellectualize the energy with our problem-solving mind to try to get a better handle on it. We convince ourselves that we know what is going on, label it, arrange a cognitive strategy to ‘manage this information’ – and squash the actual emotion that surfaced. It came to the surface looking for release, a way out of the disturbing, uncomfortable knot of stuck, tangled energy – a tension that often accumulates in the shoulders, neck or upper tummy in the solar plexus. So what to do about this stuck energy and help us move into the natural flow of our creative energy?

Place the finger tips either side of the ankle just beneath the bone, right hand is always on the inside as in the photo, for 20 minutes each time, until release is felt. I recommend developing the connection made by the hands for a few weeks. In the increasingly popular Jin Shin Jyutsu Japanese art of self help, this technique is referred to as the natural aspirin of the body. It is used to move energy that is stuck, causing pain anywhere in the body. It helps us to break down old structures to make way for new and to take a step forward without fear. Interestingly in the oriental approach to healing, pain is translated as stuck energy. This surely applies to the emotional layers of our being: so activating the principle of movement in the body, we can more easily go with the flow. While most of us are capable of keeping our emotional house in good order, inevitably there are some situations that are better resolved with the help of a trained therapist.

I also use a powerful range of remedies called the ‘Australian Bush Essence’, and the combination of Bottlebrush and Boronia can also help us to move through resistance to change and get rid of the ‘scratched record’ repetition of old emotive thought patterns. Another technique involves breathing soft gold light through the solar plexus and out through the back to dissolve attachments to old emotions – hold an index finger as you do this, it helps to harmonize the energy of ‘Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real’, which lodges in the solar plexus like hungry vampires. Sleep with a small rose quartz under the pillow to help calm our sensitive souls as we drift through dreamtime.

Sophia Rendu

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