Escuela Andalusí

In 2007, Luis Jiménez, well known naturopath and investigator of the benefits of flower remedies, founded the ‘Escuela Andalusi’ with the intention of going beyond the framework of classical flower remedy therapies. Five years later, the new school has been opened with a full team of dedicated therapists, alchemists and teachers, to bring to Málaga, or rather, to revive in the city, a centre of studies and philosophical investigation. Reaching far back into the history of Andalucía to the hermetic traditions of the Arabs, when Córdoba was considered to be the main seat of learning in the western world, and merging this knowledge and wisdom with NLP, coaching and classical Bach flower remedies, the ‘Escuela Andalusi’ aims to promote a modern approach to ancient wisdom.

The main training at the school is under the heading of Terapiafloral Evolutionary Floral Therapy, which underlies the basic philosophy of the school that there is an evolutionary development, a transcendent spiritual dimension to the human being and a deep connection to the soul that is vital for our understanding of health and wellbeing. The training at the school will be done in a way that harks back to Plato, although meeting the needs of our times: developing more than an educational institution, recovering the true spirit of ‘training’ through transmission of knowledge that awakens the true inner wisdom of the students so they can see ‘the laws of nature and true human nature’ and with these tools grow and develop in their personal and professional life.

As well as the core training at the school there will be other body works such as reflexology and many opportunities for personal development through alchemy, astrology, symbology and other routes to selfawareness. Another key part to the work at the school is providing activities for children and training for people interested in this line of work through the ‘parents school’.

“The therapeutic art has its roots in love, it lives and is expressed through it to the degree or extent that the ‘artist’ is immersed in it” Luis Jiménez Escuela Andalusí

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