Family Constellations and me

I want to share with you my personal experience of how I became a therapist in Family Constellations following the Bert Hellinger method.

I graduated as an industrial and worked for a large company in Palma de Mallorca from 1999. Now, with hindsight, I can see myself as a woman who was too logical and rational, not letting out my feelings and emotions. I was full of fears and insecurities. When the soul is sick, the body speaks, and eventually I lost my voice for more than three months, with a swollen larynx. Disease can be a path of self-knowledge and that experience made me change. I started attending personal development workshops, and thanks to a good friend who recommended Family Constellations, I ended up in an open session. It was amazing and magical! My logical and rational mind could not understand what was happening … it was like scenes from a play, a performance without words that carried a huge emotional burden.

I finally understood it when someone asked me to represent her sister when it was her turn to create a family constellation. When I took on this role I suddenly connected with emotions that were not mine, but rather those of the person I was representing. I was in the ‘morphic field’ of this person’s family system! When it ended and I returned to my chair, those emotions were gone. After that experience I began to train as a Family Constellation therapist and began to work through my own issues as well.

I realized that we are all interconnected with our family through the bond of love but sometimes love gets tangled and conflict or even disease arises. Hellinger talks about the laws of love that must be met for it to flow into a system: the people in the system, the hierarchy and the balance between give and take must all be balanced for the love to flow properly. This therapy aims to restore the order and put all the people involved in the system into a good place.

Today, I work both in individual sessions using dolls, and in group sessions where real people can be placed in the constellations. Healing is a process in which something that is excluded, rejected, or that is not perceived finds the proper place within a person, and helps to bring a feeling of peace and calm.

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