Fluxus: Wellbeing through movement

Among the different activities offered at Fluxus, those that can be described as psycho-physical play a fundamental role in their vision of using movement as a path to wellbeing. Training and practice are combined in a diverse range of disciplines related to personal growth through physical and mental activity. Yoga, Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Qigong (Chi Kung) and Pilates are some of the ongoing classes available, and the courses are developed throughout the year to build the student’s knowledge and skill. Specialist seminars and intensive courses held outdoors are all designed to develop healthy habits and inner harmony in the students, many of whom appreciate the multidisciplinary approach the centre takes, allowing them to practice a range of disciplines in parallel. Members can take advantage of the different class schedules aimed at different levels and ages, as well as special offers for people wanting to learn manual techniques like shiatsu and complete ‘body wellness’.

Training in I Ching, Shiatsu and Yoga is always available at the centre, taught by nationally and internationally recognised teachers in their fields, with the emphasis on reaching a qualification in these disciplines. Fluxus also offers other certified courses, run by the Tao Centre that specialises in yoga teacher training and shiatsu. The yoga teacher training course takes two years with the main thing that students learn being how to live in a different way – slower and more conscientiously, connecting with a way of life that is healthier and understanding that love, happiness and well being are not something you find around you, but are something that is part of your being. It is the natural state that we should be in, the essential state of being, and the course teaches how to connect deeply with this source of happiness. Ultimately the course is a period of transformation in which the student’s life changes completely. Along the way there is a lot of learning, studying the discipline of yoga – the course is based around the study of Hatha yoga, how to give classes and transmit in public the key concepts of yoga. During two amazing years, there is a lot of work on the body and the student will see incredible changes. Self development, physical development, health and knowledge are available to anyone wanting to join on this journey.

The professional training course in Shiatsu is for those who have the desire to help others, and looking after their own health and wellbeing is an integral requirement to the course. Only this personal knowledge, based in health, happiness and harmony can be transmitted to the patient through the direct contact of Shiatsu. This course is also held over two years, one weekend a month, and as well as all the Shiatsu techniques, students learn different forms of chi kung and inner peace. The course is taught by Gleb Loginov, director of Tao Center and author of the books: “Yoga with Daniel” and “Hatha Yoga. The Art of Life.” The school is associated with IYF and Cofenat, the Association of Natural Therapies. All courses and diplomas are recognized by these two entities. At Fluxus art and wellbeing work together to improve our quality of life and offer a space where people’s free time can make room for improving all aspects of their inner and outer self.

c/ Paco Miranda, Málaga
Tel: 952 264 471

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