ForoAcce: dis-connect

Foro Acce 2012 will be celebrating it’s 3rd and 4th editions this year with the focus on: “learn to live and enjoy in an alternative way.”

Through training in eco-building, organic farming, renewable energies, nutrition, meditation and self development, among others, the foro aims to help people become liberated and more self sufficient, tapping into our ancestral roots and wisdom, and less dependant.

Not only offering solidarity and solutions during the crisis, it is also an opportunity to promote the sector through the markets with artesans, local producers and natural therapists to generate richness and work for everyone respecting people, the environment and the planet. All of this will be held in a beautiful place and to connect everyone they will be using the universal language of music, with free concerts and workshops.

Both events are open to all and will be fairs of alternative therapies and natural products, Smuack in May being aimed at the youth market with hip hop, grafitti and innovative stalls, while ForoAcce will include a competiton for inventive ideas for recycling and generating energy.

Facebook: foro internacional arte cultura ciencia / smuack
Tel: 683 22 53 73

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