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Feng Shui Marbella
Teri Garcia has been working for many years to dispel some of the myths of Feng Shui, and going beyond the ‘coffee table book’ view that many people have of this ancient Chinese science. Through the Imperial School of Feng Shui she has been offering training to students who take the discipline seriously, and has now opened Feng Shui Marbella to offer training up to practitioner and then through post graduate training to master level. The courses are very rigorous and follow the Chue style of Feng Shui, and Teri explains “I don’t know of any other school in Spain that can offer such specialized training or in the world that offers such a caliber of knowledge in the Spanish language.” The teachers in the school will all be highly qualified Masters in their specific subject. Teri will teach the main two year practitioner training course and some advanced courses, and teachers trained in specialist subjects will be used for the advanced courses. The courses are designed to train students to be quality Feng Shui consultants.

Chue Foundation website is

Specialised post graduate feng shui subjects such as Four Pillar Astrology (cuatro pilares), City Planning (planificación urbana), Date Selection (selección de fechas), I Ching, Yin Feng Shui, Face Reading (fisionomia) and many more disciplines. The aim is to prepare students to Master level in various feng shui disciplines.

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