Gratitude by Carolina Corada

As I walked down the road in a nearby pine forest, with each step I gradually became more aware of my ‘Inner Voice’. Immersed as I had been for over an hour in a deep meditation amidst the trees, a message reached my mind. I felt receptive as I opened my eyes and walked back to the car, back to the world. Each step I consciously took was the backdrop for a question, “What shall I do?” …. Another step, “Where shall I go” … and yet another, “What shall I say” …. And another, “And to whom?” …. And the answer came … very gently, like a child peeking out a window; the answers came from within, with innocence and a smile, far beyond the human experience of myself… “Ask the flower”

That was the answer. How simple and yet, how surprisingly unedited. So I looked to the side of the road, and there were thousands of small, fluorescent flowers, with their tiny petals and shiny colors looking up, perhaps looking at me and awaiting my question. And the questions came again and I directed them to one of the flowers that was smiling at me with its purple petals.

And the answer came overwhelming my human nature with a language not of this world.
There was no sound to this answer.
There was no movement either.
There was just stillness … and it came.
Gratitude – I experienced it like a flood in my heart of aromatic soothing river waters washing away all thoughts and nourishing me with certainty….The petals were open, extended … completely receptive to the light, to the Love, to the breeze. I could see it, feel it … know it. With its upright pose and pride I felt myself surrender and full of gratitude for the gifts received …. The flower and everything about it showed me the doubtless mind living in perfect gratitude with Creation … and a tear rolled down my cheek, and a fresh scent reached me as a gift from the roadside flower. I understood her speaking to me… I understood her gift to me: her answers.
Doubtlessness – Perfect gratitude – Openness – Receptivity – … And above all … Selflessness ….

She gave me everything, but asked for nothing; everything she received she extended,
not to me exclusively, but to all the passersby who took the time to stop and stay in perfect silence and listen. And a name came. I knew I had met this flower before. The scent was familiar. The smile was familiar. The way she extended her gifts, was familiar. Her gratitude was so known to me. Yes, I knew her; we had met before, in the world. Yes I recognized her. My friend, my sister flower had a name so intimate to me that it was like coming home. Coming home to you, Isa, in gratitude for your answers and for your gifts. And the smile was reborn: so simple yet so eternally gracious.

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