Healing Symptoms

Symptoms are a nuisance, undesired and unwanted. So it is understandably there is a natural desire and reaction to want to be rid of them. However assume for a moment that symptoms are a good thing. Suppose they are messages from your body that actually aid to restore and maintain health.

There is a process called homeostasis by which the body looks to maintain a stable internal environment. This is essential in order to stay alive. An obvious example of homeostasis is sweating and shivering to lower or raise the body’s temperature. Suppose symptoms are really just an extension of homeostasis with their purpose to bring your body back into harmony. If this is true, then to treat any symptom – no matter the kind of treatment: medical or natural – with the goal to have the symptom go away, is not healthful as it prevents the body from working to restore the body back to balance. In effect one has interrupted the body’s path to health. If diarrhoea was your body’s way of eliminating a toxin or pathogen should the process be stopped?

In the case of pain, the most common method of “treatment” for pain is taking either prescription or non-prescription painkillers. Once the symptom (pain) has gone the common belief is that the problem has also gone and so therefore nothing more needs to be done. This mistaken way of thinking has the effect that the underlying imbalance grows and gradually becomes more debilitating, and with some conditions, life threatening.

Challenge yourself and start to listen to your body. The next time you experience a symptom why not ask what area of my life or health have I neglected to get this symptom? What do I need to change in order to create health (homeostasis)? The answers may well require some drastic changes in your lifestyle, and/or seeking a health professional, but in doing so you will be rewarded with life in your years and years to your life.

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