Healthy Habits: Making them simple

Life in general and living healthily in particular can become a little overwhelming at times and despite our best efforts to ‘do the right thing’, we often drift towards what is convenient, comfortable and uncomplicated, and habits form pretty quickly. If this is the case for unhealthy habits, team behind ‘Healthy Habits’ asked themselves why we can’t make it work for healthy habits as well.

People’s answers are always the same: “Because it’s all too complicated!” “too time consuming!” “More expensive!” Healthy Habits has made it their mission to break through these preconceived mindsets and make it easer for people. Being a professional golfer, the owner, Maximilian Bosse, leads a very health and fitness conscious lifestyle, but being on golf tours a lot, he does not require the additional ‘headache’ of thinking about a healthy regime and his profession and lifestyle demands simplicity in order for repetition to become so easy, he can do it in his sleep! The idea behind Healthy Habits is to create habits that are easy to maintain even while ‘out & about’. The shop is run by Nina & Cristina, a nutritionist and dietician who brings a useful service to their customers, offering weight loss through simple, personalized steps. Healthy Habits stocks vitamins, minerals, sport supplements, proteins and wheys, as well as organic, whole grain, gluten and sugar free products, in fact everything you need to improve nutrition and well being, but without the headache & science of having to figure it out. The team also offers guidance and feedback on all matters health related.

Healthy Habits
Ctra. Cadíz N340 km 168,
Centro Comercial El Pilar, Local 7
29680 Estepona, Málaga, Spain

Tel. / Fax: 952 88 73 07
Twitter: @iHealthy_Habits
Facebook: iHealthyHabits
Skype: iHealthy_Habits

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 10:00 – 20:00 & Sat. 10:00 – 16:00
Not closed for lunch!

Home / office deliveries within a 10km radius

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