IN Transition 2012: An appointment with change, for a better future

IN Trasition 2012, is an international event for anyone looking to get involved in the transition process, making a change for a better future. Working within the community, acting locally to build a more sustainable, friendly, participatory, and representative society and by developing local resilience that enables us to successfully face the two main crisis that we are experiencing now: peak oil and climate change.

Arboretum Marbella ( have organized this event to launch the transition initiative locally, to encourage existing transition projects and to provide the incentives for people to create new ones, giving people practical and effective tools for local sustainable development. With this simple but ambitious goal in mind, the meeting will take place at Marbella’s Palacio de Congresos on Saturday October 27. The day will host 28 local, national and international speakers, including representatives from England, Italy and Portugal, to teach and share their experiences in developing initiatives as well as some of their achievements, highlight some of the obstacles and difficulties and to be a source of information and inspiration.

Transition initiatives exemplify the principle of “think globally, act locally”, where people work together in their own community (neighborhood, town, village or city) to develop organizations, good practices and activities with the aim to minimize our carbon footprint and our dependence on fossil fuels. There are already some guidelines for action at the global and state level, but there is not enough concrete action when they are faced with the challenges of peak oil and climate change. Transition Initiatives complement these schemes, ensuring that the changes we need to make in our lifestyle can indeed be implemented at a basic level in our daily lives, in our own community and generate new and creative ideas.

Transition initiatives are based on the following premises:
• Climate Change and Peak Oil require urgent action.
• Life with less energy is certain so it is better to plan for it than to be taken by surprise.
• Industrial society has lost its resilience to energy shocks.
• We must act together sooner rather than later.
• With respect to the global economy and consumption patterns, and to the extent that you can apply the laws of physics, infinite growth within a finite system (such as the planet Earth) is simply impossible.
• We have demonstrated extraordinary levels of creativity and intelligence in the rapid escalation of the energy curve in the last 150 years, so there is no reason to prevent us from using those qualities and more, to better manage the descent from the peak of the curve.
• If we plan and act early enough and use our creativity in cooperation to release the genius within our local communities, we can provide a future much more enriching and fulfilling, more connected and more gentle on the earth, than the lifestyles we have today.

IN Transition brings together people who have a deep experience in these initiatives, including speakers such as Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement and author of the Transition Handbook, to make the event a a source of inspiration and information for everyone taking part.

Arboretum Marbella
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