Inipi: sacred rites

Inipi is a sacred right of purification from the Lakota Indians, a cult of our Ancestors and of the Great Spirit, a place where all the ‘Forces of Creation’ are put in movement to bring together the Fire, Water, Air and Earth elements.

The Sacred Fire heats the stones and fuses the knowledge of Wakan Tanka (the sacred) and the Great Mother Earth…
Water, infused with medicinal herbs, provides the steam and health to the body, mind and spirit…
Wind transports and inspires the other elements with its sacred songs…
And the Earth, who in her greatness holds us in her amrs and gives power to understand the love within ourselves and in all that is created in the universe….

In the Inipi (sweat lodge) the fire is lit and while the stones are heating up the people take part in a meditation with the drum, dance and song round the fire and just as the stones are ready everyone goes into the Inipi to begin the ceremony. There are 4 circuits or portals where we work with the 4 elements and the 4 stages of life: birth and the mind, adolescence and emotions, meditation and dreams and in the fourth the celebration of rebirth of the spirit. There is also a chance to rest, drink tea, shower and collect the stones. The Inipi ritual purifies our thoughts and actions, helps to get rid of toxins from the body, opens pores and dilates the muscles so that the sacred aroma of the medicinal plants can enter and heal any illnesses or discomforts. it can help to free blocked emotions and balance the physical, mental and spiritual.

The Inipi ceremony is also considered to be a “powereful medicine”, used in the treatment of many acute and chronic illnesses. It stimulates the internal organs, cleaning and purifying the body of toxins, helps the white blood cell count helong to heal chronic and recurring illnesses. It effectively stimulates the lymphatic and homronal system, and is recommended for people who suffer from auto-immune diseases. The body is totally cleansed through the intense sweating produced by the humid heat of the Inipi, that helps to eliminate uric acid and reduces skin problems like acne, as well as burning off fat and impurities in the skin, overall improving the functioning of the kidneys. Our skin acts as a regulating organ for body temperature, and more often that not, the pores areblocked or closed. The heat in the cabin reactivates the pores, reestablishing the functioning of the skin that is often considered to be like a second kidney. It cleans and decongests the airways, nasal passages and also has a deeply relaxing effect, ideal for treating stress, exhaustion, insomnia, nervous tension and bringing about alert awakeness.


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