We all know that getting enough fruit and vegetables is essential to maintaining vibrant health, but sometimes we just can’t eat as many as we’d like in a meal – a kilo of carrots can be quite time consuming to munch through! Many people make their own juice not just to make sure they get all they need but also for some fab and interesting combinations – like a liquid salad!

Our friends at Biocasa have sourced a superb juicer which is extremely versatile and works using a single gear masticating system that crushes the juice out of fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass. This is recognised to provide a more complete juice and there is even an option to include the pulp for those looking for a thicker juice experience with more of that goodness inside. But the real winner for many juice fans is the special wheatgrass function – known for its super health qualities, wheatgrass can be bought frozen from Absolute Juice (see ad on page 36) or grown from seed. The slow rotating auger in the Lexen juicer guarantees that juicing is done ‘cold-pressed’ so that none of the precious enzymes are lost through heating and all the goodness ends up in the juice. What makes the Lexen even more versatile is it can be used as a home-made pasta maker so you can really impress friends with some fresh spaghetti. Juicing is one of the most interesting and fun ways to introduce stacks of fresh veggies and fruits into your diet and a machine like this can make the job a pleasure.


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