La Semilla Ecológica

A small group of dedicated eco-entrepreneurs recently launched an innovative project under the name ‘La Semilla Ecológica’, a concept that they see as symbolizing growth, change and a vibrant future. Capturing a growing demand for fresh organic produce and a growing awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, they have dedicated their work to the sale and distribution of local, organic and seasonal produce from family farms. “We are doing this because a lot of people these days want to be a part of what we are doing, so that this world, our planet can become a fairer, more natural and beautiful place,” explained Dani, one of the founders, one afternoon from his stall at the organic market in Coín. “We believe that change can start within each one of us in the intimate domain of our kitchens, that is to say, through the choices we make about our food.”

Their work includes home deliveries and weekly organic markets that are now held in many of the towns in the province, as well as fairs and other events where they can promote and inform people about the importance of organic food. And as the saying goes ‘man cannot live on bread alone’, so they also offer various different kinds of massage as another source of health and vitality: Shiatsu, Indian head massage, chiro massage and classes in massage for babies. They see their work as being a complete health solution, and indeed what better way than to enjoy a healthy organic juice or salad after a relaxing and therapeutic massage in the comfort of your own home?

Guadalhorce ecologico markets – Pizarra, Coin, alhaurin, Cartama, La Cala & Málaga

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