Live for today

Today is the day I will begin again;
Today is like no other day because I no longer dwell in the past; I no longer project myself into a future I don’t have. Today is the day I will begin again.

Many times I have been confused and perhaps even lost my way for an instant, yet today there is a difference within me. Today is the only day I have. I no longer look back to know who it is I am. I no longer postpone for the future what I wish to feel. Today is the day change is true …. today. It is today when I take my most important decision. It could be no other way as I have no other time but today.

Today is my very best day; my only truth is manifested today as we have no future. How could we have a future if the only moment of truth is now? Many of us speak of change, of development even of growth, and in the light of these conversations a voice within, a Voice in my mind kept repeating: “When is that going to happen?; When can I experience this event?” And honestly and profoundly ‘TODAY’ is what I have. ‘NOW’ is my time and I have come to share it with you.

The ‘ego mind’ keeps proposing better times yet to come; changes soon to arrive; evolution of the human kind, all of it disguised as practical and viable and yet truly useful only to keep you from experiencing today as the day where it all begins. My thoughts -as yours- begin today. Today is the day to make change happen. Today is the day to choose Truth instead of judgement; a wink instead of a frown. When I open my eyes and listen to my thoughts I immerse myself in winds of change. Yes. Today is the day when I begin to share only Divine thoughts with all creatures and with myself.

Many have asked me about change, about how, about when. And thus, the answers reach me and it has to do with the NOW. Now is our time. I have nothing to lose. Now is when I see you and choose to love you or hate you. Today is when I take a step forward or stay back and rest and realise that tomorrow will become today and I will begin again; and I will focus with all my will to make the right choice so that at the end of my today it will have been lived to the fullest in all its aspects and choices. In such a time confusion will no longer be and losing my way will not rise as a possibility.

Article by Carolina Corada
Venezuela: (0058) (0) 416. 329.8507
España: (0034) 627 128 895

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