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Detox, cleanse and energise – why you need to detox

We all want to enjoy good health, unlimited energy, restful sleep and a sense of peace and happiness. However, the world around us presents us with some real challenges in realising these goals – convenience foods and takeaway dinners, working long hours and stress, often we don’t have time to buy and cook fresh, quality food. Even if we make the effort, many supermarkets stock food produced using pesticides and antibiotics, with artificial additives or preservatives that have had much of the goodness processed out of them. The tap water we drink contains chemical contaminants and the air that we breathe is polluted. To fight this combination of challenges, many turn to medical or recreational drugs to combat illness or help us unwind. Ironically, these further pollute our bodies, and the payoff for our 21st century lifestyle is excess weight, allergies, headaches, insomnia, depression, digestive problems, mood swings, and a host of other ailments.

The good news though is that our bodies are an incredible feat of biochemical engineering, and all we need is to give them the tools to repair the damage. What we need is a programme that will cleanse and energise our body and mind – the benefits of detoxing are many and can help to increase energy, make skin glow, promote less anxiety, better concentration and metabolism and, in the long term, slow down the ageing process and lower the risk of both minor and chronic disease.

A detox can be a one-day fast or, ideally, part of a seven-day programme. Detox is the elimination of toxins from the body, a process usually undertaken by the main eliminating organs of the body namely the liver, lungs, kidneys, colon and the skin. Detoxing is like giving your body a ‘spring clean’.

People decide to detox because they want to lose weight or to heal deeper health problems. For others, it can be a part of a real emotional cleanse or part of a spiritual journey. Detox or fasting is one of the most ancient forms of healing used by cultures around the world and facilitates the body’s natural healing process, cleanses the blood stream, cells, tissues and organs. A detox programme that includes cleansing juices, supplements, colonic irrigation and some form of rest and relaxation is deeply reviving both physically and emotionally and provides long lasting results.

Before going on a detox programme, ask yourself the following questions.
1. Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you tired even after a nights sleep?
2. Are you constipated or do you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome?
3. Are you often bloated?
4. Do you feel lethargic and suffer low energy?
5. Do you crave sweet foods?
6. Do you suffer from food allergies, especially wheat and dairy?
7. Do you suffer from dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, or poor circulation?
8. Do you suffer from memory loss, mood swings, depression?
9. Do you suffer from headaches, migraines, worry?
10. Do you suffer from poor concentration, memory loss?
If you answer yes to some or all of these questions, you could greatly benefit from a cleanse.

Kezia Jacobson is Director of the Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat, which combines the luxury of a boutique hotel with a relaxing spa experience and special retreats, programmes and activities (including yoga and healing therapies).

The Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat in Marbella has a wonderful seven-day programme which combines a menu of functional enzyme rich juices and broths with body brushing, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, herbal cleansing, education and self-administered colonics.

Llanos de Purla,
A-355 Marbella-Monda, km 22,
Tel: 952 864 455/ 628 79 30 13

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