Live Your Best Life

Living your best life starts with being your best self – feeling good, looking good and finding a sense of balance and purpose. Only you are responsible for your happiness, only you can control your thoughts and actions. Learn from mistakes, look at what happened, how did it happen, how did you feel and what happened after – did you repeat the mistake, or did you learn the lesson? Modify your behaviour – thoughts, words, and action, can all be changed for a more peaceful life, but we are often afraid of change, it’s human nature. Act with awareness – be mindful of the present moment! There are three parts to an action: Intention, know your purpose about the action; Attitude, how are you going to deliver the action and Delivery, how do you communicate what you need to say.

Awareness is being ‘awake in the moment’ being focused on what is going on around you. Practicing yoga, meditation, walking in nature, being in silence or just having ‘time to be’ all lead you to being constantly aware, and to calmness, focus and clarity.

Can we really achieve peace of mind? This is an ideal state of being where we experience freedom from stress, strain, worry and hurry, but how do we get there when we have come so far from knowing ourselves, when life is so busy, so stressed, so unsure? We can begin right where we are here and now. If we take the time to cultivate inner peace, grow it, like a crop we plough, fertilise, irrigate, and nurture, we can plant the seeds of peace to grow like wildflowers.

10 Tips for peace and happiness.
1. Meditate
2. Exercise
3. Visualisations – create positive thoughts and attitudes.
4. Affirmations – use post its to create and remind you of positive thoughts and feelings.
5. Gratitude List – practice the attitude of gratitude
6. Eat Healthy
7. Think ‘Positive Thoughts’ regularly throughout the day.
8. Wish others well with random acts of kindness, listening, giving, caring and loving.
9. Listen to music – sing out loud, laugh lots, watch funny movies.
10 Spend time in nature.
11. Rest well –recharge your batteries through relaxation, sleeping well. Relax, restore and rejuvenate.

The 5 Daily Devotions – tools to help ‘Live your best life?
1. Devote yourself to getting up early every morning, and get the best out of life.
2. Devote the first 60 minutes of each day as ‘Holy Hour’, a sacred time to do inner work to help you become your best. Mediatate, walk, pray, reflect, read, do yoga.
3. Devote yourself to displaying a standard of care, compassion and character well beyond what anyone can ever imagine from you. You will be doing your part to help create a better world.
4. Devote yourself to displaying a standard of excellence at work far higher than anyone would expect from you. Abundance and fulfillment will flow back to you.
5. Devote yourself to being the most loving person you know, acting as though you are one of the greatest people currently on the planet (because you are). You will bless many lives.

By Kezia Jacobsen
Director Shanti Som
Wellbeing Retreat
Tel: 952 86 44 55

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