Living Alchemy: path to enlightenment

Living Alchemy, the brainchild of NLP Master Practitioner Conor Corderoy, was launched last December at a talk at the Tamisa Golf Hotel, on the subject of inner peace and enlightenment. Further talks will be held throughout 2012 covering different aspects of this theme. Living Alchemy is above and beyond anything else a path towards enlightenment, containing techniques and disciplines to bring health to both mind and body, as well as allowing the soul and spirit ever greater freedom to evolve and unfold.

There are as many paths to enlightenment as there are people walking them, but they tend to fall into two general categories: paths that require withdrawal and ‘inner’ contemplation, and those that require an active involvement in the world. People will tend to move from one to the other throughout life, because both reflect aspects of the soul that need developing at one time or another. Living Alchemy is geared more towards active involvement in the world. It certainly has techniques that can be taken to a hermitage, but its general ethos is one of involvement rather than detachment.

Living Alchemy’s path to enlightenment is primarily a series of techniques in meditation and self-hypnosis that enable the practitioner to achieve on the one hand a deep state of inner peace, and on the other an enlightened perspective – a deep understanding of the real nature of our world. Because we are, in a truly profound sense, one with that world, this understanding becomes a profound understanding of ourselves and our part in the universe. These techniques become a road, a path, towards ever greater peace and enlightenment.

So, in what way is Living Alchemy different from thousands of other esoteric groups, philosophies or religions? Well, in many ways it is similar, in that all spiritual paths are to some extent parallel. But Living Alchemy is very much of the Aquarian age. There is no superstition in Living Alchemy. It is founded on a clear understanding, drawn partly from its roots in NLP and quantum physics, of how our minds work and how reality is constructed. This does not deny the universal Spirit that informs all things, but rather helps us to see it with clarity and an ever expanding and deepening understanding. This is the path to enlightenment.

Living Alchemy are running a programme of events, including monthly talks at the Tamisa Golf Hotel, followed by workshops on a subject closely related to the topic of the talk. Living Alchemy will also be running weekly meditation groups in Marbella and Benalmádena.

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