Malaga alternative: Economy for the common good

As many predicted, Rio +20 did not mark a great leap forward towards an ambitious political, economic and environmental agenda that addresses the magnitude of the challenges the planet faces. In the end though, the success or failure of Rio +20 will be measured by our own ability, as actors and spectators, to demand, push, engage and anticipate the challenges ahead to gradually create a society that is more inclusive, prosperous and fair.

At this historic moment the ‘economy for the common good’ appears on the scene, presenting a new social and economic model to replaces the existing one that demands increasing profits through competition, and instead looks to maximize the common good to strengthen the economy through working together.

In Málaga, this model for an alternative economy has materialised in the green business group RedVerSo and in the creation of the “Energy Field Málaga”, a new group that exists to promote the ‘economy for the common good’ and let people know about this concept locally. The model of the ‘economy for the common good’, designed by Austrian professor Christian Felber, is expanding rapidly throughout Europe and Latin America as a positive alternative, one that is constructive and optimistic in its ability to overcome the current crisis of values in society. It is now our turn: citizens, politicians, indignados. Now is the moment to get to work to be the catalysts and make this urgently needed metamorphosis in our environmental, social and economic situation.

Individuals, businesses and stakeholders can learn more about the economy of the common good in Malaga by visiting the facebook group EBC Malaga or by contacting the coordinator for Malaga, Diego Isabel La Moneda, in:

Silvia Montoya
@ Silvia.montoya
Twitter: @ smontoyame
Tel: 952005919
Address: C / Comedies, 4, 2 º 29008 Málaga (Spain)

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