Malaga alternative: Waldorf School – el Farol

The Waldorf infant school el Farol, based in Málaga, sees education as a global challenge, and that children are the key to our future. They are the ones who will find solutions for the global challenges that we face today, and finding those solutions will require human capabilities in areas that we are now only just beginning to understand. They believe that education today must train children to be able to deploy those skills that go beyond conventional wisdom, and Waldorf education actively pursues this goal. They want to help develop humans who can become initiators of cultural progress. “In the child lives the man of the future. The experiences a child has influences the way we act as adults.” (W. Wordsworth). From the first moment of their life every person responds to the impressions they receive in a way that is unique, and this will differentiate the experiences of one child from any other. The school works with the full awareness that in every child lives the seed of the future, so as teachers they are committed to the task of creating an environment that develops that seed to its full potential.


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