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Although the current global economic and social situation is becoming progressively more dramatic, we are seeing it as a launch pad for new ideas and creative projects that enrich us and end up filtering down into our personal and professional environments. However, it is not always all about innovation, creation, renovation. This issue we not talking about social movements to change the system or the development of new models for the economy. This time our journey through alternative Málaga has brought us something that helps us to retrieve, revive and regain a balance that is often lost in the daily maelstrom.

A new association ‘Mamasyoga’ has been launched recently after an intense period of gestation as a non profit association, with the idea of sharing experiences and accompanying families on the amazing road of parenthood. Its main activities are to promote awareness of raising children consciously together with and through the practice of yoga. One of the most important tools for this project has been a mailing group in which members share their experiences related to pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and yoga. This has become a unique virtual support group in the area, thanks mainly to its openness, tolerance and multidisciplinary approach. Both through the Blog and social networking, Mamasyoga has become a platform for sharing experiences, content and useful information about pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood and fatherhood, children’s education and upbringing, and even covering the harmony of the couple and family reconciliation. All of these tools and resources are accessible through the web:

Mamasyoga also organizes excursions, outdoor yoga sessions, lectures, and get-togethers where families can share their experiences in person. Their mission statement lays out their key objectives with a commitment to:
Provide a support service during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and parenting and lactation.
Apply and promote the benefits of yoga in pregnancy and parenting.
To create an environment of respect for children and regain their place in society.

Anyone is invited to take part and contribute ideas and experiences in this joint project for a future consciousness.

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