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It’s a dream come true – making your own chocolate. A dream that is offered to everyone, young and old alike, at the world’s smallest chocolate factory, Mayan Monkey Mijas, perched in the picturesque white village. We’ve still got to design the perfect Chispa chocolate but we had a good try one hot day in August when we descended on the super air conditioned factory-shop (you don’t want the chocolate to melt) for an adventure into all things chocolate. I was there purely for research of course, but the rest of the family are all chocolate lovers and their enthusiasm was obvious from the start. Eli Macarthy, who launched Mayan Monkey Mijas just a few months ago with partner Jason, clearly has a love for her craft, and took us on a journey back into the history of chocolate, how it evolved into the ubiquitous treat it has become today and how the different kinds of chocolate are made. We finally got to the best bit when we were given our own moulds and trays of different ingredients to use before covering them all in a layer of delicious liquid milk, plain or white chocolate from the chocolate fountains that churn the chocolate constantly into the correct consistency. An hour later and we were collecting our 3 bars each from the fridges and making a dash to the car to get them home before they melted or got eaten on the way! Everyone agreed that the factory was a great experience with something tasty to show for it.

Plaza de la Constitucion, 524, Mijas Pueblo
Tel. 951 052 772 or 600 088 542

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