Natural birth – Breech birth in the XXI century

If your baby is in the breech position late in pregnancy, it is normal that an appointment is made for a cesarean section to be performed without explaining that there may be alternatives. The advice is against continuing with a natural labour and intervening by whatever means to make sure the baby does not suffer physical damage. People do not talk much about the adverse consequences that can accompany cesarean section, which occurs in hospitals in about one in four births.

Personally, I couldn’t accept the idea of not giving birth naturally to my first child because I believe it is very important that this first effort in life can help to develop the baby’s character.
After turning over every stone searching for information, we found out about the option of turning the baby from outside…but we found out late. In our health centre we were not told about this technique, which consists of a massage, assisted in hospital and controlled by monitors, where they turn the baby round and out. You must apply before 35 weeks and if they do not offer this at your health centre you can apply for a transfer to another facility.

We tried many alternative techniques, and even Marisa, our midwife, helped with a massage inviting the baby to roll over. But nothing helped. We thought that for some reason our baby wanted to be born in this way, in the breech position. We knew that our decision was risky, and we thought about it a lot before deciding on this course of action.

When we explained to our loved ones that we intended to give birth with much less intervention they put a lot of their fears on us without realising it. So we tried to get closer to them instead so that they would give us confidence. After rejecting the idea of giving birth at home with Marisa, we decided on the Costa del Sol Hospital. In the end everyone was very willing to help a breech birth during the labour and there was a lot of expectation. I closed my eyes when I entered the hospital and almost did not open them again until we saw Leo appearing some 14 hours later. They were precious moments and I thanked the universe that I have lived as I have with my partner. Sometimes I think Leo turned around to serve as a practical lesson to those who attended his birth.

Our children deserve the right to be born naturally, and parents should be allowed to enjoy this moment that is so ours. Life is a special risk to take on, and to give birth when in the breech position is a right we can reclaim from the hospitals.

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