Natural children: letter to a child

The egg has been happily fertilized by your father’s sperm, and the embryo has developed over the past nice months, and finally you come into the outside world as a new born. “What do you need?” I whisper as you succle for the first time on my left breast. “I want you to hold me all the time and give me breast on demand. I want to feel like you will carry on looking after me now I’m on the outside. Please do not leave me alone, it would be very sad and distressing to me. Up to three or four years old, Mamma, you are my biological territory.”

Content and grateful for being a mammal, I celebrate the fact that we haven’t used vaccines, avoided saying hello to the pharmaceutical industry that is full of fear and makes us doubt our confidence in our ability to look after ourselves. Like nature, if we are left alone we can rediscover the wonderful chaos that is repressed by them in the interest of economic gain and intervention. To help we choose to use eco-nappies that are washable and that reduce our use of resources, produce less rubbish and protect your delicate skin that absorbs up to 35% of the toxins in plastic. We are outside as much as possible, in contact with nature and vegetarian and raw food to give you strength.

The, in our community, we look for other mammalian families to share our experiences and help each other, reducing the isolation and destruction of the family by the modern and technological world. Together we create community, but how the time passes my baby. You are already three years old and junk food and consumer society are already knocking at the door. Your father and I have tried to give you a start I life that is vibrant and light for when you eat, talk and do. Brimming with life energy you look at us and say, “Mum, Dad, don’t worry, that’s life.”

“To love without fear of spoiling,” Yolanda Gonzalez
“My baby understands everything,” Dr. Aletha Solter
“A new maternity” Reflections of women

Matricia Lana, Kundalini Yoga teacher, teacher of diet hygienist and co-founder of Permaculture Candy Cane

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