Novateam: Hot Success in an economically cold climate

Hot air into your house directly from the outside wall

Lars Merland, from Denmark, launched a new business which should make many people very happy because the Novateam revolutionary solar panels rid properties of damp and save a fortune on electricity bills. Lars started the business because he was fed up with the damp problem in his own house, how it was affecting his health, damaging the home and costing money. Realising that these are common problems because houses here aren’t built to withstand the damp, he started looking for a solution. He discovered the Novateam panels, a unique product designed in Denmark. The panels suck cold air in, heat it with solar energy and then a ventilator pushes the warm air out into the room. It is a very simple but extremely effective way of heating a property and because the air is very dry it also gets rid of damp and humidity problems. All models come with a thermostat which automatically shuts off the ventilator when the required indoor temperature has been reached.
They work with even a minimum amount of sunshine, and after two or three days of rain, it only takes one day for the panels to get rid of any damp.

Tel: 952786544

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