Ontological Coaching

Ontological Coaching is a dynamic transformation through which people and organizations can review, develop and optimize their way of being in the world. The idea is to create a new culture through language and the conversations that are generated by this discipline, something that is currently not a technique used very much in our mainstream culture. Ontology focuses on the idea that ‘who we are’ comes from ‘what we do’ and when we change the way we do things we create more opportunities and choices. A coach is a potential guide, someone to support and facilitate the development of a person or organisation’s productivity to achieve the desired result. Since the beginning of time humanity has built ‘culture’ Every human being is heir to the culture in which they were born and has developed symbolic imagery that shapes their mental framework, and whose presence impacts their personal and work relationships, within organizations and society. Ontological Coaching offers a toolbox that helps people to examine their beliefs and develops different interpretations. Ontology helps to develop the inate human capacity to choose and from this choice create new realities.

“We are what we choose to be”

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