Osteoporosis – Volunteers Required

As part of wider studies, The Bodyworks Clinic are participating in a Feasibility Study to assess whether a daily “Osatun” food supplement in the form of a capsule has a beneficial effect on people diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Recent research has found that there are two substances in the blood that can be used as biomarkers. One, C-terminal telopeptide, can show the rate of loss of minerals from the bone and the other, osteocalcin, shows the rate of new bone formation. This gives us a new way of testing whether or not a medical intervention like a capsule is helping to maintain the strength of bone either by slowing down bone loss or by increasing bone formation. Either or both can get the system back into balance and this can be checked by a simple blood sample.

To take part, we are looking for people with established osteoporosis but NOT taking any medication to be part of a month long trial. All that will be required is a simple finger-prick blood sample at the start and another sample at the end of the trial. It will also involve taking a totally natural mineral tablet once per day for 30 days.

Study will commence on Thursday 10th January 2013.
Please contact Bodyworks as soon as possible on 952 883 151 or info@TheBodyworksClinic.com

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