Painted Medicine – New homeopathy

Painted medicine is like acupuncture but without needles, a gentle form of balancing the body’s energy system, using symbols and combinations of parallel lines painted onto the acupuncture points, called meridians, that act like antennas on the skin and can change our body’s energy system. The technique is based on the research of Dr. Erich Koebler (1936-1994) who analyzed the correlation between traditional Chinese medicine, and new discoveries in quantum physics and dowsing. With the knowledge he acquired he achieved amazing results in healing. Like classical homeopathy, painted medicine is based on the possibility of curing diseases by transferring information, but instead of using homeopathic granules geometric symbols are used, applied directly onto the skin or transferred to water. Humans and all living things, including water, react to information, so it can be seen to follow that a person with the right information can be healed. This idea is becoming increasingly recognised in many areas, because behind any disease there is always an energy imbalance, and by balancing energy we activate self-healing. By applying healing lines and developing water that has ‘healing information’ in it, a simple and effective self-therapy can be learnt.

If our energy flows freely, we can increase our health.

September 29 & October 27: Painted Medicine Course
Location: Hostel Inturjoven, Plaza Pio XII, 6, 29007 Malaga
Hours: 10:00 h – 14:00 h
Total price: 50 €

Baerbel Weissert-Hartmann
Masters in Homeopathy
676 838 594

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