Pure and natural cosmetics

Traditional industrial cosmetics need to be manufactured inexpensively. The favourite ingredient: water, and the rest: chemical additives. The names of the ingredients are about as healthy as they sound: emulsifiers, petroleum-based compounds, synthetic preservatives, and petrochemical fragrances, mineral and silicon oils. They produce lots of foam, smell good and are absorbed quickly, but for the skin and the environment, this means pouring a lot of chemicals into the ground and with essentially no active agents in the products. Elsebeth Nybroe-Nielsen from ENN Care has recently launched a top-to-toe product range from a successful Austrian company on the Costa de Sol, which guarantees that it is not one of these cosmetic companies. The fresh natural cosmetics range that they have launched does not contain any preservatives, formaldehyde separators, fragrances or dyes that destroy the skin and can even result in severe illnesses. There are no polyethylene glycols (PEGs), no oxybenzon, no genetically modified soy lecithin, only pure natural and highly effective ingredients. All their products come with a best by__ date which means the ingredients are guaranteed super fresh and have a natural expiry date.

The skin care products use organic ingredients and are all analyzed and tested by Dartsch Scientific GmbH, the German Institute for cell-biological, cruelty-free test systems to guarantee their quality and they have won awards for their exemplary, sustainable company ethics. Recent tests confirm how damaging synthetic additives really are. Anyone who takes nature seriously does not meddle with her handiwork, and the ENN Care product range is no more colorful, sweet or flavorful than nature intended.


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