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More tales from America this issue, following our Health Detective’s recent sabbatical at Dr. Young’s pH Miracle centre in California. This time, the story of 15 year old Linda, recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, a form of cancer that appears in the lymph nodes. While this has a successful cure rate of over 80% with traditional chemotherapy and radiation, this article shows how complementary care is still critical when people use conventional medicine.

I met Linda in December last year, just after she had finished a series of chemotherapy treatment, and, while the tumors were shrinking she was really worn out. Chemotherapy does not only kill the cancer cells but also the healthy cells and has a serious effect on the body. She had lost weight, her hair had fallen out and she was pale, exhausted, and had stomach pains because of months of constipation. Her appetite was poor and she was drinking less than ½ litre of liquid a day. Her family was desperately searching for help to get her back on her feet again, and that brought them to Dr. Young. Examining her Live Blood under the microscope we could see the consequences of the chemotherapy: the blood cells were lumped together with very little movement and the cell membranes showed damage. There were a lot of waste products and disintegration of the cells in the plasma, and we could deduce that she had a weak constitution. She needed fuel to get her life back again. Linda is a very sweet girl and took to the treatment programme in a calm and patient way. When she first got sick she started making jewellery, and has been selling them to family and friends, calling the project Smiles for Linda. The income supports her treatment which is not free in the USA. As she lives only 10 minutes from the centre, she came in every morning at 8.00 and got picked up late afternoon. The most important thing at the beginning was to rehydrate and to get the hemoglobin count up again. Dr. Young has a great manner with children and while the situation was serious he managed to make her smile a lot and even promised a trip to Disneyland if she met her targets for drinking her greens, soups and eating salads. Soon she was up to 2 litres of liquids per day, and started getting better, with more energy and more smiles. She did very well in exercises, although slowly as she hadn’t moved much for a long time. She learned to really relax during the massage, and the colonic hydrotherapy not only helped to get rid of a huge amount of accumulated garbage, it also helped her to hydrate and balance the minerals in her body. She followed the programme diligently, enjoying the infrared sauna to sweat the toxins out, a place she enjoyed it so much that she sometimes wanted extra time in there, bearing in mind that she came from a large family of ten children and so time on her own was rare. She quickly earned her trip to Disneyland which was a fantastic day out.

Linda’s spirits kept improving and this gave her the incentive to continue the program. Her haemoglobin count slowly increased and her Live and Dry Blood analysis showed improvements. Over Christmas she was allowed to eat whatever she liked, but she had got a taste for the green food, it was as if her body craved good and healthy food. When I wrote this Linda had been on the program for 1½ months, had started to do school work again and slowly to act like a “normal” teenager.
Shortly after I returned to Europe the family faced another difficult decision. The oncologist recommended that Linda follow a course of radiation. As the tumor was in the middle of the chest the radiation would not only hit the tumor but also the heart, thyroid, lungs, and risk some possible side effects for the breast, thyroid, heart and skin damage. It was a big decision for someone so young, but the priority of course, was getting Linda healthy, and they chose to do the radiation. On a recent follow up call Linda had finished the radiation and just turned 16. She got the best birthday present when she was told that she was in remission. To keep getting better, healthier and stronger she is still coming to the pH Miracle centre every day to get her treatments and food. She has been invited to sell her jewellery at a market and was out doing that the other day. It has been a pleasure knowing Linda, she is a true fighter and to follow her road to recovery is very touching. It proves that when you have spirit, get good support and go for it – you can achieve many things, get a grip on life again – and even miracles happen.

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