Quality of Life: Morning Alkaline Breezer

Start the day right, give yourself an alkaline boost so that you have more energy, vitality and improve overall wellbeing. Follow these 7 simple steps for 10 days and see how easy it is to live vibrantly. Start the day by hydrating yourself not just with liquid, but alkaline liquid, making a buffer for the stress and events of the day.
Step 1: Lemon juice
As soon as you get out of bed make a 330 ml glass of lemon juice. Squeeze ½ – 1 lemon into lukewarm filtered water. Just enjoy drinking this slowly and taste the flavor.
Step 2: Breathe
Place yourself in a relaxed position and breathe 10 cycles of a 1-4-2 pattern:
Inhale for a count of one – Hold the breath for a count of 4 – Exhale for a count of 2
You can do this in any multiples of the above ( i.e. breathe in for 4, hold for 16, breathe out for 8)
Step 3: Bounce
Stand on a soft surface like a carpet or event better on a trampoline and bounce softly and effortlessly for 3-5 minutes. If you have a skipping rope, you can have even more fun!
Step 4: Flush
Now, it is time to flush with another big glass of liquid. Take 330 ml of filtered or ionized water and add an alkalizing salt – about 1tsp – to the water. Try phoursalt from Dr. Young or any alkaline salt from a health food shop, or a ½ teaspoon each of sodium bicarbonate and whole salt like Himalaya or sea salt.
Step 5: Green Energy Drink – this is the one that makes the difference.
While you are digesting your alkaline salts, make a green vegetable juice.
The green drink can contain any green vegetable you like. It could be:
1 green pepper
½ cucumber
2 celery sticks
A couple of handfuls of spinach leaves
Lettuce leaves
A little bit of fresh ginger, squeeze some lemon juice in if you like
and add 2 -3 cups of water and some ice
1 tsp of oil added after juicing.

If you have a really strong blender – blend it all, and enjoy the fibre as well. Otherwise use the left over pulp in a soup, if you don’t want to throw it out.
Step 6: Hum or sing
If you have not already started humming or singing, please do – from the bottom of your heart – or listen to your favorite music and sing along – while you enjoy your green drink.
7. Create your day
Just before you finish this Alkaline Morning Breezer, make a wish for your day – it can be anything, that you can realistically see with your inner eye, hear with your inner ear and feel how it will be when your wish has come true. Take a couple of minutes for this. Just practice.
If you can stick to this for 10 days straight you will feel a more energetic person. Even if you do it 3 times per week you will feel amazing, and perhaps more of your wishes will come true.

Dr. Pernille Knudtzon 678 253 510

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