Raw food retreats

This summer, in the pretty permaculture finca of Cañadulce (sweet cane) in Coín there will be a chance to learn how to eat in a way that gives fantastic health, unlimited energy and mental clarity. The raw food diet is made up of an abundance of vegetarian ingredients, preferably organic, like fruits, dried fruits, seeds, seaweeds, vegetables, sprouted seeds and grains. These are made into exquisite recipes that are always prepared at less than 42ºC. The raw food chef Gisela Bayer will be teaching the courses and showing hoe to make vegetable milks using dried fruits and seeds, yoghurts and cheeses. Breakfasts will be with mueslis and green shakes, and then ‘cooking’ begins with sprouted breads and crackers, patés, salads, pizza, sushi and falafals. Cakes, snacks and mousses are also part of the extensive menu and a lot of the recipes use food picked from the finca’s allotment and edible forest. Matricia Lana adds to the course with Kundalini Yoga in the mornings and meditations and mantras in the afternoons. Once a week there is a healing session by Lama Ganchen Rimpoche. Swimming in the natural pool and excursions to peaceful spots on the rio Grande complete the courses, ideal for regenerating over the summer.

del 12 de agosto al 9 de septiembre
Tel: 951 16 50 37 – 607 63 29 37

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